Ready. Set. Go Away, Liz.

If you were lucky enough to get the Welcome Parents email (Titled “Ready Set Go”) from the district you saw a newly coiffed Fagen speed talking through her welcome speech to parents. The robotic mimimalistic movement of her eyeballs and her rapid-fire lip movement may have blown a couple of fuses — she may need a motherboard re-boot by the Board soon. Take a look:

Aren’t we lucky to have a Superintendent that really embraces the 21st century?! Talking at us through the interwebs?! Awesome! (not) Oh, but wait, the social media wizard behind the curtain left the comment section open for a brief moment (oops!) and two parents were able to get their comments in before they were DELETED and the comment feature was turned off.

Here are those comments:


This is just one more, example of Fagen (and gang) not wanting feedback, input…nothing. We are the PARENTS (according to the Board we are the “customers)…why is the district literally and figuratively deleting us?! I’m sick of it.


Vocabulary Test for the DCSD School Board

This week it occurred to me that maybe the members of the DCSD Board of Education need a little bit of a vocabulary lesson…

Enter the owner’s land or property without permission.
A voluntary wrongful act against the person or property of another, esp. unlawful entry to a person’s land or property without their permission.

(reference: School Board President accused of crashing meeting; A parent’s open letter)

Excessive pride or self-confidence.

(reference: See any Board of Education meeting; See a classic “Williams-ism”; This)

Extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration.

(reference: Again, see any Board of Education meeting, especially when Benevento is in attendance; This )

Refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally.
Fail to consider (something significant).

disregard – neglect – slight

(reference: This, This)

The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

(reference: The last four freakin’ years of this regime.)

Guest Post: An Open Letter to John Carson and the Douglas County School Board

The invitation to the private house party.

The invitation to the private house party.

Your audacity astounds me. Over the past few months, several of you have attempted to attend house parties put on by concerned parents, when you were clearly NOT invited. Last night, you sunk to a new low when Mr. Carson entered a private home – without an invitation – and proceeded to intimidate people into giving him time to present an opposing point of view.

As you are all well aware, many parents in this district are not happy with your actions. We are concerned about mismanagement of our tax dollars. We are concerned at the loss of experienced, quality teachers. We are concerned about the loss of academic distinction in our schools. And mostly, we are concerned about how all of this is affecting our kids.

Parents have tried to work with you. For years, many of us have attended and spoken at your meetings. We attended and spoke at DAC meetings. We met in small groups with district personnel on a variety of issues. Instead of respectfully acknowledging our concerns, even if you disagreed, you have berated, belittled, and lectured us. As you’re all so fond of saying, you are a publicly elected body, yet your meetings are private, with 50% of them occurring behind closed doors.

It’s very telling that you and the district leadership continue to accuse us, the parents, of spreading misinformation, yet when we ask for specifics on what is incorrect, you are silent. Rather than bully and intimidate your way into private homes, perhaps you should work to mend the broken relationships you created in this district and allow public input back into our schools. In other words, when you invite us to your “party,” we’ll invite you to ours.

Laura Welch
Parent of 2 kids in DCSD