Which Fagen Quote Should You Believe?


Which Fagen quote should you believe?
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Ready. Set. Go Away, Liz.

If you were lucky enough to get the Welcome Parents email (Titled “Ready Set Go”) from the district you saw a newly coiffed Fagen speed talking through her welcome speech to parents. The robotic mimimalistic movement of her eyeballs and her rapid-fire lip movement may have blown a couple of fuses — she may need a motherboard re-boot by the Board soon. Take a look:

Aren’t we lucky to have a Superintendent that really embraces the 21st century?! Talking at us through the interwebs?! Awesome! (not) Oh, but wait, the social media wizard behind the curtain left the comment section open for a brief moment (oops!) and two parents were able to get their comments in before they were DELETED and the comment feature was turned off.

Here are those comments:


This is just one more, example of Fagen (and gang) not wanting feedback, input…nothing. We are the PARENTS (according to the Board we are the “customers)…why is the district literally and figuratively deleting us?! I’m sick of it.

Status: Unanswered

ignoredI am continually amazed at the complete lack of responsiveness from the district. Let me count the ways…

1. Back in April, about 10 parents (including me) went to the district offices to meet with Christian Cutter (aka Chris Budolowski…just a little trivia for you) and Brien Hodges about the “niche” school concept. After the meeting, Dr. Hodges asked me for my prepared list of questions so he could follow up on the unanswered ones. I emailed them to Dr. Hodges on May 2, with a follow up email on May 7 asking for his responses…


2. A new Twitter account was started: @ASKFAGEN which has some really great questions directed to Superintendent Liz Fagen. It looks like there have been over 90 questions asked since June 21…


3. A fellow parent sent an inquiry to Cinamon Watson (the “communications” director…hahaha!) about the mysterious relationship between The Starboard Group (a political consulting group) and DCEF (the district’s fundraising arm). This concerned parent asked in repeated emails simply “…how much money will be paid to Starboard and by whom?”


4. I have asked repeatedly via Twitter who is handling the DougCoBoE tweets. I kinda just gave up because day after day I got no response. So, my question “who is tweeting on behalf of the BoE?”…


5. The Strong Schools Coalition has asked the district to send out corrected information to parents regarding the loss of High School instructional time.


6. During the DAC’s Winter Forum in February attendees had many questions, but because of the weather, the meeting was cut short. So, the DAC Chair promised those unanswered questions would be posted on the DAC website…

STATUS: (Questions were never posted. So…) UNANSWERED

7. There was a Telephone Town Hall in May which resulted in un-addressed questions from parents — either because they were not able to make the time slot, or they couldn’t get through to the call, or time ran out. So a few of these parents posted their questions on the District’s Facebook page in hopes of getting answered.

(in fact, I went to go get a screen shot of those questions and noticed they have been removed and now the feature to generate questions on the DCSD Facebook page is now disabled…are you kidding me?!)

Above are examples of unanswered questions that I KNOW about…can you imagine how many more DCSD mysteries are out there?! For instance, I could dive into the unanswered or incomplete Open Records Requests that I know about…maybe another day.