The Weekly Outrage

As I vented the other night to my family about the crazy antics of the DougCo Board and cronies, my brilliant daughter said (I’ll paraprase), “Mom, seriously, you totes need to have a Daily Outrage on your blog.” Brilliant! However, that is what Twitter is for, so I will attempt a Weekly Outrage…

1) On May 10 the Board of Education created a new Twitter account, but won’t disclose who is doing the tweeting on behalf of the whole Board of Ed. I have asked over and over (yes, I’m persistent) on Twitter who they are. The mystery tweeter (twit?) promptly unfollowed me and other concerned parents. Who does that??!!


2) The District announced a surprise Board of Education meeting 25 hours before the scheduled meeting time on May 14th. The agenda was posted, but with no supporting documentation. Public comment was scheduled before any presentation — so, basically it was impossible to follow the policy of only commenting on business being discussed at the meeting. Who does that???!!

3) The DAC (District -cough- Accountability -cough- Committee) released the agenda for their May 14th meeting (which overlapped the BoE meeting in the same meeting space), to reveal the pressing subject of…wait for it… creating a logo for the DAC. Meanwhile, unanswered public questions from the Spring Forum have not been posted to the website as promised. What? Who does that??!

4) Unanswered questions from the Telephone Town Hall still remained unanwered on the District’s Facebook page. They want questions, but then refuse to answer them. Huh? Who does that??!

5) Heard about a whacky pay-for-performance scheme for high school coaches. The more winning the coach, the bigger pot of money for the coach and his staff. (Details on this to come…) Again..Who does that??!

You want to know who does this? The stewards of our kids’ public education…that’s who.


Too Many DCSD Antics, Not Enough Time

What? It’s been over a month since my last post!? Believe me,  it’s not for a lack of things to write about or be outraged by!  In fact that is the reason I haven’t posted…there is too much to keep up with!

Sure, I was ticked off by Meghann’s tweeting during the board meeting on May 7th:

Meghann, All I ask is you put the $(@&#! Twitter away as an elected official dealing with the education our 60,000 children. #respect

Meghann, All I ask is you put the $(@&#! Twitter away as an elected official dealing with the education of 60,000 children. I should mention she’s up for re-election in November. #VoteAnyoneButMeghann


Of course I was mortified by our District Accountability Committee chairman’s antics at the same meeting:

Oh, and don’t get me started on my thoughts about a meeting I had at the District about “niche” schools…oh, I’m sorry…it’s called “Choice Programming”. 

See what I’m saying here?! There is just TOO much…it’s overwhelming.

So, while I gather my thoughts on how to address my various concerns of late, I invite you to peruse SPEAK for DCSD….it paints the picture that I can’t.

Where is the “Customer Service” in DougCo?

Riteaid values customer feedback. DCSD does not.

I got thinking (uh oh) about customer service during the last few days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. Real-life businesses really care about the opinion of their customers…it’s the heart of customer service.

If Mr. Richardson wants to keep harping on his delusion that parents are “customers”, then he and the other Directors need to start valuing, or at the very least just acknowledging, parents’ opinions.

Just as retailers have that cool little survey link at the bottom of receipts, DCSD asked parents to complete a survey back in April. We, the “customers”, were happy to oblige as 5,000 people responded. But the “managers” (BoE Directors) didn’t like what the customers had to say, so they just ignored the survey by invalidating the results. What kind of business manager ignores the opinions of their customers?

Director Silverthorn expressed mild interest in getting to the bottom of the concerns during a meeting and in this one Facebook comment:

However, the parent survey has never been addressed, put on a Board Meeting agenda, nor a DAC agenda. So, Meghann, put your knitting away (yes, we can see you knitting during meetings) and follow through! Aren’t you concerned about your “customers”?

So, BoE, the customers are waiting to see what – specifically – you will do to address customer dissatisfaction. Actions speak louder than words…trust me.

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