I am a parent of two kids in the Douglas County (Colorado) School District.  I’m not a teacher, administrator, nor an expert on education….I’m just a parent that wants to do right by ALL the kids in DCSD!

About 4 years ago I became involved in the activities (for lack of better term) of the DCSD Board of Education, despite being in DCSD for over 12 years. I have realized that most parents within this district have no idea what is going and how the education of their children is being poisoned by politics.  It is my goal to provide facts, insights, and observations on the goings-on of the Board of Education, Superintendent, and other “players.”

I’m a real person, and it’s just me, no backing (funding, ear-whispering, etc.) by any political group.  In fact, I am an unaffiliated voter in Douglas County.  Also, I’m a native of Colorado, I have a good sense of humor (hope you do too), and I own my own business.  I am always looking for feedback, suggestions,  whatever you’ve got (within reason…) — I can be reached via direct message on Twitter (twitter.com/dcsd_parent) or send me an email.

Overall Rules: Play nice. Share this blog with other parents. Have a sense of humor. Seriously, lighten’ up people. Comment Policy: I welcome your comments on my blog posts. I even welcome different or opposing views! The way my blog is set up, I hold comments for moderation (thanks to all you sneaky spammers out there), so you may see a delay in the posting of your comment. I will not approve comments that are spammy, contain profanity, are offensive or are downright rude.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Did you ever think that Franceen Thompson’s questions to the council had to with the fact that there are people out there (you included it seems) that do not understand the role of the DAC. Maybe you should have spent more time listening vs finding ways of being devisive. Sometimes being professional means leading with quiet confidence.I also noticed that you do not have the courage to allow for comments on your blog entries. Why is that?

    • Hi Ben, Thanks so much for your comment! I guess going into the meeting I expected the Chair of the DAC to know what the role is of her committee. Sure, if she had questions on specific components that makes sense…but my feeling at the meeting was that she was very unsure of what the DAC’s job was. Frankly, as a newbie, it confused me even more.

      And believe me, I may be one of the most introverted people you would ever meet, so I certainly understand being quiet and having an understated presence. However, confidence is unspoken. Leadership is unspoken. While sitting in that meeting, I did not get a sense of confidence nor leadership. And like I said, I’m sure Ms Thompson is very nice and cares a great deal about the District, but perhaps her role as a “leader” is just not suited for her. That’s my observation as a community member and constituent.

      And I do allow any and all comments, I just hold them for moderation to prevent spam comments. My readers don’t really care to see more ads for online pharmaceuticals. So, thanks again for taking the time to read and make a comment…I appreciate the positive dialogue!

  2. Trisha, I think your blog is awesome. I’m a former DCSD parent who left the county because of the decline of the school system. I admire your willingness to stay and fight. You are a hero to thousands of DCSD students who will get a better education because of your efforts.

  3. These people left a b-s sheet on my front door, complaining about the AFL-CIO (never mind the fact that the unions secured decent hours and holiday time, not to mention health care, for workers over a hundred years ago)…when I logged in to their web page to ask them not to come to my door EVER AGAIN, it grabbed my “cookies” and thanked me for voting for them! WHAT MORONS. Let me know how I can help – public education is at risk in this county; that much has been apparent for years now.

  4. I really question who started this website and who is running it. Sooo much misinformation out there and this site just seems like much much more than an active mom with some time on her hands.

  5. Thanks for the compliment — I think. Christine…yes, it really is JUST me (Trisha) …just a mom that has some computer skillzz. Funny, I DON’T have a ton of time on my hands, but I care enough about my two kids’ education that I make the time. I’m not sure, but are you insinuating that I have help ($$) running this site…I can assure you, again, I don’t.

    There is no misinformation here…if there is, please point it out to me so I can be sure to correct it. In the meantime, thanks for reading…and if you would like to learn more about me, meet for coffee, or just chat about kids, life in Colorado, slow cooker recipes, or being an overseas air force brat, please feel free to send me an email douglascountyparent@gmail.com.

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