In my spare time…

You may have noticed that I am not posting as much as I used to.  You may think that my outrages are less frequent.   Well, don’t worry, I am outraged by the antics of the board and Fagen on a daily basis, but I simply don’t have the time to blog about it.   Here’s why:


I’ve dedicated all my time to helping getting the word out via the larger group,, and helping the BEST candidates get elected on November 5th.  I also do not want people to confuse the larger group with little ol’ me.  Like this person who recently  commented on my blog:


So, you may see me post less and less as I devote my time to getting these people elected:

DCP_FacebookProfile2However, you may see various and frequent bursts of outrage via Twitter, so please follow me there.  In fact, my latest tweets reflect my complete and utter amazement that our DAC (district accountability committee) has such disdain for parents and community members.  Read about it here:

THANK YOU for reading and your support…now, let’s get this done on November 5th!


2 thoughts on “In my spare time…

  1. I’m with Angie – keep your bullshit litter off my car!! And pull your head out of your ass …. on second thought, leave it right there.

    And how dare you use the sacred orange and blue colors of our beloved Broncos for your environmental pollution!

    • Grandpa,…lovely comment. You kiss your grandchildren with that mouth?!

      Also, please note…AGAIN…that I am a separate entity than Douglas County ParentS. I am but one mom, Douglas County ParentS is a dedicated group of close to 1,000 parents, community members, volunteers…who happen to be republicans, democrats, unaffiliated…a varied group. And I have no idea why the colors orange and blue were chosen. Who cares?

      One last time for you viewers at home:
      Me (Trisha) =
      BIG group of parents with flyers =

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