Which Fagen Quote Should You Believe?


Which Fagen quote should you believe?
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7 thoughts on “Which Fagen Quote Should You Believe?

    • Yes, she did (unbelievable, right?!) Here is a link to the August 15th Quote: http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs127/1110789388531/archive/1114530841015.html

      The second quote was from an email sent to the staff today: “While our focus is, of course, on a balanced assessment system and approach for all our students and staff, I do want to congratulate everyone on your collective, continued excellence demonstrated on TCAP, ACT, AP, IB, and more. I realize that as you explore new territories in American Education, it can be worrisome that traditional measures may dip or suffer. I believe that doing what is best for our students, great instruction and support of our students (no matter your particular role), will yield excellent results on many measures. I hope you believe that too.”

    • Aren’t you a ray of sunshine, Angie!? First, I think you have me (Trisha) confused with the larger organization, DouglasCountyPARENTS.com, a group made up of a several hundred concerned parents and community members. I urge you to visit their website to see our concerns. Secondly, since you used the dcsd server to send your comment to me I’m surprised you aren’t fully aware of all the issues and would call it “BS”.

      (hint: IP address)

  1. Mystery solved! You’re a fake, phony, faceless blogger who doesn’t have the guts to post opposing points of view. “I hold comments for moderation”. Yeah, right. Just more BS. Since Angie posted on September 6th, you haven’t allowed any comments that aren’t in lockstep with your leftist propaganda. The only “spam” that I’ve seen is from YOU! Including that piece of trash you stuck on my windshield. Anyone who attended the Candidate Forum last night and actually listened to the answers given would logically conclude that your candidates are all reading from the same script, spouting the same rhetoric that has no basis in fact, and attacking the “pro school choice” candidates personally. So much for “helping our kids”. Your slate is only interested in re-instating the teachers’ union. Go away and leave my grandkids alone.

    • Seriously, grandpa — you need to relax. First…read my “about” page. That’s me and my photo, so no I’m not nameless or faceless. (unlike you that did not give a real name when you entered your comment)

      Secondly, it wasn’t me that put the paper on your windshield — that was douglascountyparentS.com (a group of about 1,000 parent volunteers that are passionate about education in douglas county). They are the GROUP, I am an individual.

      Third, I’m not “in lockstep” with anything. And I’m not even a leftist liberal democrat (or whatever)…so don’t assume you know ANYTHING about me.

      Fourth, you flatter me, but Angie was the last person to submit a comment on this post…yep, all the way back to a month ago. As much as I would love to have more people comment…only a few people take the time to write their thoughts. Some comments are better than others…

      Fifth, and finally — I urge you to check out all the candidates like I have. The candidates you speak of have differing views on a few issues…and they are NOT running as a slate. You should take the time to ask them about it instead of wasting time writing not-so-nice comments on my blog. Thanks.

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