Ready. Set. Go Away, Liz.

If you were lucky enough to get the Welcome Parents email (Titled “Ready Set Go”) from the district you saw a newly coiffed Fagen speed talking through her welcome speech to parents. The robotic mimimalistic movement of her eyeballs and her rapid-fire lip movement may have blown a couple of fuses — she may need a motherboard re-boot by the Board soon. Take a look:

Aren’t we lucky to have a Superintendent that really embraces the 21st century?! Talking at us through the interwebs?! Awesome! (not) Oh, but wait, the social media wizard behind the curtain left the comment section open for a brief moment (oops!) and two parents were able to get their comments in before they were DELETED and the comment feature was turned off.

Here are those comments:


This is just one more, example of Fagen (and gang) not wanting feedback, input…nothing. We are the PARENTS (according to the Board we are the “customers)…why is the district literally and figuratively deleting us?! I’m sick of it.


7 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Go Away, Liz.

  1. That is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve watched, relating to my child’s school district. No smile, no real welcome,crazed look in her eyes, speaking as fast as possible, advertising our school district, stating one of the main goals is to make up programs we can give to districts “across the nation”. If this “welcome” video doesn’t open eyes about what’s really happening in our district, I don’t know what will.

  2. I love that they deleted and turned off the comment section following a message about communication and welcoming parents. As long as they get to speak AT us with their mindless drivel, it’s considered communication but not when we want to respond. Did they miss the old age lesson of “you throw the ball, catch the ball, and throw the ball back” in regards to how to effectively communicate with someone? I suppose that isn’t an innovative enough concept for them.

  3. To Ms Fagen – I watched your video (And had the side thought it could be used as an advert for RedBull or some other energy drink) but the comment that made me see red – and switch you off – was when you said we parents should be excited because DC is leading the country in educational reform. Ummm, wait a minutes…can we look at your contract? is it your job to lead national educational reform, or to lead our school district to excellence for our children? Please step away from your personal agenda …. i want my children to have great neighborhood schools, happy teachers, ….oh why bother?’re not listening

  4. the robotic teleconferences via phone call are my bete noire.. getting talked at, in relentlessly chirpy marketing-speak, as if we were small children or imbeciles, is both insulting and condescending.

    However as the Republican Party leadership notes,
    “In Douglas County, when the voters know (party affiliation), Republicans pull anywhere from 60 to 75 percent of the vote.”

    So I’m not very hopeful..

  5. Millie is at it again…! How about the latest waste of time, last Monday…when all the staff had to sit in on “Emegenetics International” training!! O.K., now everyone got a nice glossing folder showing their personality traits, strength, weaknesses, where they fit in with the bigger picture in their “grouping”…what a bunch of junk! What did this wonderful idea cost the District…that’s what happens when you a person in charge who has never had to be accountable….and she is getting paid $200K per year?

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