In my spare time…

You may have noticed that I am not posting as much as I used to.  You may think that my outrages are less frequent.   Well, don’t worry, I am outraged by the antics of the board and Fagen on a daily basis, but I simply don’t have the time to blog about it.   Here’s why:


I’ve dedicated all my time to helping getting the word out via the larger group,, and helping the BEST candidates get elected on November 5th.  I also do not want people to confuse the larger group with little ol’ me.  Like this person who recently  commented on my blog:


So, you may see me post less and less as I devote my time to getting these people elected:

DCP_FacebookProfile2However, you may see various and frequent bursts of outrage via Twitter, so please follow me there.  In fact, my latest tweets reflect my complete and utter amazement that our DAC (district accountability committee) has such disdain for parents and community members.  Read about it here:

THANK YOU for reading and your support…now, let’s get this done on November 5th!


Sign the petition!

Sign this petition

Sign this petition

The reason for this post is twofold:

1) My previous post had Liz’s face placed way too prominently on my blog…it was a bit off-putting to new visitors.

2) You need to sign this very important petition. It’s very basic and makes such sense…no matter what “side of the aisle” you are on. The official wording states:

In Colorado, school director elections are nonpartisan and an essential role of school boards is to provide local control over public education. As an elected official, we would like to provide you an opportunity to hear from parents prior to endorsing or promoting any Douglas County school board candidates. It is essential that parents have a voice in determining the direction of our school district, and we are concerned that partisan politics may distort the perspective of the very people our district is here to serve: Douglas County families. We welcome and encourage you to attend a parent forum to hear first hand from active parent leaders in Douglas County.

My (personal) translation: “Yo, elected official…take a breath, don’t automatically be a ‘yes man’ to your political party when it comes to endorsing school board candidates! Check your calendar and be open for a discussion with engaged, informed, and wicked-smart parents in Douglas County. We’re just asking you to listen to us…please!”